About Us
 I am only one man that sat out to make my dreams a reality. I wanted to share with the world my thoughts and ideas that ran wild
within my head. The only issue was starting out and getting people to not only believe in me as well but to trust me with
their voices. Starting out in a small walk in closet I began bringing to life the thoughts in my head. I was recording, singing as
well as producing my own sound of music. Now some years later I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing artists such
as Too Deep, Miss Cyainide, Sucide Lab Productions, Dolla Green, Bread Boys and many more. The whole objective of my site is
allow those such as myself the chance to make their voices heard. To open that one door for those many that have been slammed in
your faces before now. Please join me in making the new sound of the underground alive now as it was years ago, and the
process to live on for many more to come.
Our Services
Demo Tracks
 We are happy to annouce that  you can record your demos. Yes thats right the demos we offer you to record your demo and to have it pressed as well if you like we can make certian amount of copys for you on site. We do stand with a 1 hr minuium and 3 hr max.  
 Our Lessons are to help you learn how to produce and mix and master tracks, as well as helping you find ways to get your name out there other then behind the scenes. We will help you get in conntact with all the right people to be successful with in the music industry. 
Record your dream demo track with us
Satisfied Customers
  1. Taiwan "TOO DEEP " Barber